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I took a few photos at home and in the backyard and in the park across the street.

I walked by Jireh Tire Shop in East Williamsburg recently and took a few photos. Outside the shop, dozens of tires were stacked in many different configurations, and I found the combinations of tire treads and white chalk markings to be graphically interesting. I had passed the shop several times in the last few months without bothering to take out my camera, but on a recent sunny day, I finally stopped to snap off a few frames.

I took the following photos while on the set of my friend Jack's NYU thesis film. I also served as the producer on the film. We shot for five days in Rockland County just north of New York City.

Carrie, the film's production designer, prepares the picture vehicle for the next shot.

Jack, the director, explains the scene to Paul, one of the actors.

The films two lead actors Jason and Jayden rehearse a scene.

Jack, Carrie and Thomas, another member of the crew, prepare the picture vehicle.

Beckerle Lumber in Spring Valley, New York served as one of our primary filming locations. The Lumber Yard has been family owned for four generations.

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